Animal Mazes

This game is about mazes with animals aswell but each animal will be able to walk in differents kind of blocks so it can be a very long game yet in a small area.

There are  10 animals:

1.-Dog: Can walk only in grey blocks. Speed: 5   Treasure: Bone

2.-Cat: Can walk in grey and red blocks. Speed: 6  Treasure: Fish bone

3.-Fish: Can walk only in water blocks. Speed: 4  Treasure: Coral

4.-Bird: Can fly over grey and water blocks, and holes. Speed: 6  Treasure: Big worm.

5.-Ant: Can walk only in grey blocks but it can go through small paths. Speed: 3  Treasure: Anthill

6.-Penguin: Can walk on grey and ice blocks. Speed: 4  Treasure: Fish

7.-Squirrel: Can walk on grey and grass blocks. Speed: 7  Treasure: Nut

8.-Tortoise: Can walk on grey blocks and rocks. Speed: 3  Treasure: Lake

9.-Snail: Can walk on grey and grass blocks, and can climb walls. Speed: 2  Treasure: Flower

10.-Human: Can walk on any kind of block (except black), and can go through any obstacle. Speed: 6  Treasure: Exit

Play this game:



Animal Mazes
Added: 22 July 2009
By: luisfmormar


Version 2

– Added masks to avoid getting stuck on walls
– Reduced the filesize from 3.63 MB to 3.36MB

That’s all for now


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