Glodd Adventure

In Glody, a dark planet, alone in the dark
universe, there was a legend that says…

“In the temple of the Great Beast there
is  a great treasure of incalculable value…
A treasure that can provoke a world war…
A treasure with a big power…”

Lots of gloddies entered there,
but no one leave the temple; all died…
Nobody enter and look for the
treasure ever…
Glodd is a gloddie (obviously). He is 25
years old. When he was young,
his grandfather told him lots of stories
about the Temple. He told him about
the treasure, dangers, monsters and,
of course, the Great Beast… Glodd
was preparing himself a lot, and the
only reason was the temple. He start his
journey now… Will Glodd survive…?


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