Planet Ball 2: Shape Wars

Planet Ball 2: Shape Wars is the second part of Planet Ball (…)

Nurks has to save his friend Curro who has been trapped by the evil Squares. But things will get worse after leaving Ball planet…

This is a game with a great story and awesome music.


This game is quite short, and the level design isn’t very good at all, so you should take it as a minigame to secondarily introduce the story for the great Planet Ball 3: Infection. Please, have this in mind when playing and judging it.

Play this game:



Planet Ball 2: …
Added: 29 June 2009
By: luisfmormar


Version 2

– Fixed the graphics
– Added some “lost” levels
– Changed some sprites
– Changed the story a bit


1. If you press the up arrow key and repeteadly the spacebar you will fly!

2. Timing will make you succed in pentagon planet!

Thats all for now

All the characters you’ll find


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