Way to the Sky

In this game, you will be a blue circle. You have landed on a planet to study new forms of life. But a failure on the system has caused an accident. You can´t use the capsule to return to your ship, but you can try to come up to it by jumping.

It starts off easy, but you’ll soon be avoiding loads of enemies at once!

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Way to the Sky
Added: 15 July 2010
By: Balti


Red: Fires bullets to the left or right

Yellow: Fires fast bullets to the left or right

Purple: Fires slow bullets in three directions (up, left and right)

Orange: Fires slow bullets in four directions (up, down, left and right)

Grey: Fires bullets down

Light green: Moves in circles

Dark green: Moves left and right


– Only timed jumps count on this game! Always think before jumping

Easter Egg

You will meet Nurks, the character from Planet Ball at level 9


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  1. Balti said,

    Please play, rate, and comment my game in yoyo games

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